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The mobile network that pays you.

We're the first mobile network powered by its own currency. YO Tokens can be purchased with over 40 different cryptocurrencies or earned directly from your phone - simply by doing the kind of things you already do every day. Things like…


Receiving a call or a text through YOVO’s Virtual SIM.


Downloading and trying out new apps and DApps.


Shopping on your phone in thousands of partner stores.


Completing micro-tasks set by YOVO.


Helping other users through community based support.


Reviewing a whitepaper or joining a Telegram group.


Signing up to a new cryptocurrency exchange.


Referring a friend to YOVO.

A very different kind of mobile service.

We're tearing up the rulebook when it comes to paying for your mobile service — even when you're not on our network.

YOVO Mobile is a fully 4G mobile network, powered by YO Token. All you need is a YOVO SIM and any unlocked handset to get started.

YO Tokens can be earned from the app, or purchased directly using over 40 different cryptocurrencies (with more to follow).

With YOVO GO you can spend YO Tokens with your current mobile provider without the need to change your service plan or SIM card.

YO Tokens can be spent with over 500 carriers worldwide and earned or purchased in exactly the same way as on our SIM network.

YO Token Benefits

All of our users are entitled to exclusive rewards just for holding YO Token. The more you hold, the more benefits you can unlock. Some of the rewards available to YO Token holders include:


Free and discounted device insurance


Free mobile VPN access


Offers and discounts from hundreds of retailers


Airport lounge access


VIP Customer Team and Concierge


Discounts and prize draws for the latest handsets

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Privacy as standard

We've built privacy into the core of everything we do. We never ask you for any more details than we need and no personal information is required to register a YOVO SIM or sign up for YOVO GO.

The YOVO app allows you to have up to five 'virtual' numbers on one device. You can use these to protect your privacy by choosing which ones you give out online, to friends, or to services that require SMS authentication like WhatsApp and Uber.

Our goal is to return the value you create online back to you. We never sell your data on to third parties, unless you specifically opt to do so as part of our YO Token rewards.

The YO Token DVN

We have a commitment to openness, fairness and transparency. In the spirit of blockchain technology we believe that a decentralised approach to the oversight and strategy of YO Token will ultimately deliver the greatest benefit to the community that has embraced it.

The YO Token DVN* is the community voice of YO Token. It is a collaborative unit made up of the founders, partners and users of YO Token. Anybody holding YO Token is entitled not only to use the service but also to have their say in how it is run.

Token holders will be able to vote on new initiatives, new tariffs, and even new countries for YOVO Mobile as we expand our network globally.

* decentralised value network

The YO Token DVN
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Built on Stellar

YO Token is a currency issued on Stellar, the blockchain built for payments.

As the first mobile network powered by the blockchain we've chosen Stellar for its ability to handle transactions at scale with little to no fees for end users.

The Stellar protocol allows us to operate and innovate at speed. You can find out more about Stellar here.

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